Malacetic Shampoo

Skin Care


Dermatological, antibacterial, hypoallergenic and drying shampoo

• Contains acetic acid (2%) and boric acid (2%). Neutral pH. Preservative-free. Enriched with moisturising agents.
• The acetic acid is antibacterial, degreasing, and deodorising.
• The boric acid is anti-Malassezia, anti-fungal, keratolytic, drying and whitening.
• Indicated for infectious dermatitis (Malassezia, bacteria, fungus) and seborrheic dermatitis.
• Hypoallergenic, very soft on the skin, and resistance is not formed, which means its most generalised use is as a choice shampoo for regular use in animals with chronic skin problems.
• Simple to apply – It easily foams up. It softens the hair and leaves a pleasant smell of apple.
• 237 ml, 473 ml and 3.8 litre bottles.
• The 3.8 l. bottle comes with 16 pre-labelled empty bottles for dispensing in the veterinary clinic.