Skin Care


Dermatological antibacterial hydrating lotion, easy to apply for frequent use

• Acetic acid (2%) and boric acid (2%). Neutral pH. Does not contain soap or preservatives. Enriched with hydrating factors: alpha hydroxyl acids and essential fatty acids.
• The same characteristics as Malacetic Shampoo, with three advantages over dermatological shampoos:
- It doesn't need to be rinsed, which guarantees the right amount of time in contact.
- The alpha hydroxyl acids and the essential fatty acids hydrate the skin and restore shine and softness to the hair, and it can be used as often as the patient requires.
- As it is a spray, application is very easy, which ensures an appropriate frequency of uses, even in difficult cases (e.g.: older owners, difficult pets...).
• 237 ml bottle with spray applicator.