Malacetic Shampoo

Hygiene & Grooming

® Woof Pouf

Bath Pearls Sponge and Conditioner-Deodorizer Soap.

• Cleans, softens and deodorizes in one step.
Removes quickly and effectively smells like wet dog smell, feces, urine, dermatitis ...
• Economic - Lasts up to 15 washings.
• Easy to use – Soap Pearls into the sponge, just add water.
• Ideal for travel or when a quickly and easily cleaning is needed.
• It does not take up space and is illiquid (not spill).
• Soap pearls produce a thick, rich lather.
• Contains Ordenone® that traps and neutralizes odor.
• Conditioners leave hair soft and shiny, with a nice fresh smell.
• No sulfates or parabens.
• Patented.
• BETA Winner Innovation Award 2016 Pet Products.