®TrisOftal Wipes

Dermatological wipes for cleaning, Asepsia and malodor control of periocular and Commissures Lipsticks in dogs, cats and horses.

• With Tromethamine/EDTA (Tris-EDTA) - Tested synergistic action with antibiotics.
• Synergy demonstrated between Tris-EDTA and Chlorhexidine.
• Cleaning and prevention of tear stains and saliva.
• Do not sting or damage the eye in case of accidental contact.
• Help reduce odors associated with epífora and perioral lesions.
• For hygiene of purulent or mucopurulent ocular discharges - allow a better application of topical treatments.
• To support in the treatment of diseases of the perioral area (intertrigo, mucocutaneous pyoderma ...).
• Cleaning and disinfecting wounds and eyelid surgeries.
• Aids in treatment of eyelid lacerations and wounds snack on horses.
• Embossed fabric - Best cleaning action.
• Resistant and impregnated.
• Do not contain antibiotics or steroids - do not generate resistance or side effects.
• Effective and very safe - ideal for extended use.
• Dogs, cats and horses.
• Recommended by veterinarians.
• Presentation: Package of 50 wipes.