Ear Care


Antibacterial ear skin solution, with a cleansing and drying action

• Antiseptic solution for ear care, containing acetic acid (2%) and boric acid (2%), with antibacterial, antifungal, drying and ceruminolytic action, and effective against purulent exudate. Can even be used with a ruptured eardrum.
• Indications:
- Prevention of recurring chronic otitis.
- Treatment of simple acute otitis in the presence of Malassezia and/or bacteria.
- Cleaning/treatment prior to the use of topical antibiotics/antifungals.
- Choice treatment for ruptured eardrum cases (or suspected cases).
- Preventive drying of the ear canal for dogs that swim.
- Smelly ears.
- pH 4.9: not recommended with ulcerated ears.
• 118 ml bottle.