Performance & Recovery


Rehydrating, energy, antacid, muscular promoter and hematocrit.

• Electrolytes, amino acids, vitamins, minerals and micro-energy: • full and high concentration of nutrients critical for performance in competition contribution.
• Five in One
1. Rehydration: prevention and management of dehydration.
2. Energy: contains sugars that provide energy quickly.
3. Antacid: B vitamins help minimize the production of lactic acid, a trigger for early fatigue.
4. muscle Promoter: 17 amino acids basis for the production of muscle protein.
5. hematocrit Promoter: iron, copper, cobalt and B vitamins are promoters of red blood cell production.
• It can be given before or after exercise.
• Syringe 60 ml (30 doses).
• Pasta quick absorption.