Performance & Recovery

®Liniment Gel

Topical Anti-inflammatory liniment

• Relieves muscles, tendons and joints under stress.
• Produce an immediate refreshing and soothing action on the surface.
• It generates deep heat, which causes an increase in circulation.
• The result is a relief of inflammation, pain and muscle tension caused by excess effort.
• Complete formula that penetrates deep:
• Menthol and essential oils: stimulate circulation with a lasting sensation of heat.
• MSM: mild anti-inflammatory analgesic and high security.
• Easy to apply.
• Package of 355 ml. Gel

*Testado en el “Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques” de Francia. No contiene ningún ingrediente incluido en la lista de sustancias prohibidas de la FEI (Prohibited Substances List, La lista de sustancias prohibidas es actualizada por la FEI regularmente, es responsabilidad del propietario del caballo estar al corriente de esta lista.