Horseshoer´s SECRET

Hoof Care

MASTER´s Hoof Blend

Hoof Supplement High Potency

• It provides the essential nutrients in the proper proportions for optimal growth of the hull.
• Helps prevent and repair brittle and cracked hooves.
• It helps the hoof wall is thicker and keep the shoes longer.
• Facilitates shoeing.
• Advanced, complete, high potency formula:
• Biotin: 20 mg per dose.
• 3 Critical Amino acids for biotin to exercise its role in the hull: Methionine, lysine and cystine.
• 5 minerals: sulfur, zinc, copper, manganese and silicon needed for the production of keratin and other structural proteins of the hull.
• Vitamin B6 important for the synthesis of RNA, DNA and protein.
• Chelated Minerals: maximum absorption.
• Contains 6 probiotics to maintain a balanced microflora in the gut.
• Highly concentrated: 1.7 kg provides 60 doses of shock.
• Based powder alfalfa, soybean oil and yeast. Very palatable.
• Containers 1.7 kg (60 doses).

*Tested in the "Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques" of France. It does not contain any ingredient included in the list of prohibited FEI (Prohibited Substances List, substances. The list of banned substances is regularly updated by the FEI, is responsible horse owner to be aware of this list.
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