Horseshoer´s SECRET

Hoof Care

Horseshoer´s SECRET

Oil Moisturizer and Conditioner for Helmets

• Repairs dry and damaged helmets and gives elasticity.
• Prevents rooms, cracks and contracted heels.
• Helps stimulate optimal growth of the hull.
• Facilitates shoeing.
• It improves the texture of the hull and brightens.
• Complete and natural oil-based fast absorbing formula:
• Avocado Oil: penetrates deeply and stimulates hoof growth
• Laurel oil: antiseptic, analgesic / anti-inflammatory and healing.
• Glycerine: hydrating town attracts moisture.
• Petrolatum and mineral oil: the waterproof and retain moisture.
• Free of tar and animal fats.
• Recommended by the American Farriers Association.
• Package of 946 ml with applicator brush. Oil.

*Tested in the "Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques" of France. It does not contain any ingredient included in the list of prohibited FEI (Prohibited Substances List, substances. The list of banned substances is regularly updated by the FEI, is responsible horse owner to be aware of this list.

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