Oral Health

CLUNIA® Clinical Zn-A gel

Easy Application Oral Mucoadhesive Gel for a Highly Effective and Safe Oral Hygiene, in Dogs, Cats, Exotic Animals and Horses

• Complete protection: plaque, tartar, gingivitis, stomatitis and halitosis.
• Reduces plaque formation.
• Antiseptic action against periodontal pathogens.
• Promotes the resolution of gingivitis.
• Stimulates the healing of injured or ulcerated gums and mucosa.
• Quickly (30 seconds) neutralises bad breath.
• Natural (Zinc, Vitamin C and Taurine) and very safe - Ideal for prolonged treatments in which the animal ingests the product.
• Easy application, no need to brush.
• Flavourless – High acceptance.
• Advanced formula for therapeutic use (CLUNIA® Clinical Zn-A gel) and another for maximum acceptance by the pet for prophylactic use (CLUNIA® Maintenance Zn gel).
• Does not stain the dental enamel.
• Does not stain surfaces and fabrics in the home.
• Low daily cost.
• Available exclusively through veterinarians.

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