Super 24 TM



Skin & Coat Care


Dermatological supplement - maintains and repairs Skin and Hair

• Fast action - glossy and shiny coat in 30 days.
• Recovers damaged skin and hair: anti-inflammatory action (Omega 3), moisturizing (Vitamin A), remedial action (Vitamin A and Methionine), antioxidant and immunity enhancer (vitamins B6, E and selenium).
• Indicated for horses, dogs and cats.
• Dust with soy, corn dextrose and high palatability.
• Very palatable.
• 1.4 kg containers (16-24 doses) and 3 kg (35-53 doses).

*Testado en el “Laboratoire des Courses Hippiques” de Francia. No contiene ningún ingrediente incluido en la lista de sustancias prohibidas de la FEI (Prohibited Substances List, La lista de sustancias prohibidas es actualizada por la FEI regularmente, es responsabilidad del propietario del caballo estar al corriente de esta lista.