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CRONO®Motion & Energy
Elite electrolytes

Suplemento de Omega-3 (DHA/EPA altamente biodisponibles) y Vitaminas A y D3
CORONA® Hoof Formula

Recomendado por Veterinarios para prevenir y recuperar cascos resecos, frágiles, agrietados o lesionados.
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There are two ranges in our catalogue for Horses: the SPORT range and the PROFESSIONAL range.

The SPORT range is based on the FARNAM brand, a world leader in non-prescription equine products. It is available through veterinary surgeons and other equestrian professionals, equestrian sports and food shops, saddleries, pharmacies, etc.

The PROFESSIONAL range is only available through veterinary surgeons and includes products from the VITA-FLEX brands, probably the most prestigious range of high performance supplements for horses in the USA.; DERMAPET, internationally renowned dermatological products; and PDI, the world's largest manufacturer of antiseptic/disinfectant wipes.

The most requested products from each range are as follows:

· The Sport Range:
   Performance: RED CELL y RED CELL ONE
   Flies, Mosquitoes, Ticks, etc: ENDURE y TRI-TEC 14
   Fattening, Skin and Coat: WEIGHT BUILDER y SUPER 14
   Hooves: CORONA Hoof Formula, SECRET Concentrate, SECRET Conditioner
   Vitamins and Minerals / Breeding and Reproduction: GROW COLT y MARE PLUS
   Anti-inflammatories: ICETIGHT
   Joints: MAXFLEX XR, CRONO Motion & Energy
   Electrolytes:CRONO Electrolytes ELITE y OTC Jug
   Tranquilisers: QUIETEX
   Digestive: SAND CLEAR
   Respiratory: COUGH FREE
   Hygiene: VETROLIN Shine, VETROLIN Bath y VETROLIN White N Brite
   Leather care: Leather NEW

· The Professional Range:
   Joints: EQUINYL Combo con Acido Hialurónico
   Vitamins, Minerals and Amino acids: ACCEL
   Breeding and Reproduction: FOAL RESPONSE
   Dermatology: LIME PLUS y CUTANIA Zn-Spray y CUTANIA Zn-Gel
   Fattening, Skin and Coat: HARD KEEPER
   Digestive: VCC BIO, VCC Liverade, SAND CONTROL
   Electrolytes: ACCULYTES
   Hooves: MASTER´S Hoof Blend
   Anti-inflammatories: THERMAFLEX
   Disinfection: SANI-HANDS y SANI-CLOTH

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